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The Bokomo Africa division of Pioneer Foods spearheads the Group's expansion into Africa. through its specialist farming and business expertise.

Bokomo Zambia

The Nulaid Farms in Lusaka, Zambia is a base for the distribution of broilers, day-old layers and commercial eggs to other African countries. The business unit also started manufacturing their own feed.

  • Breeding / rearing poultry farm for day old pullets, broilers and layers
  • Five maize silos

Bokomo Namibia

This business unit is based in Windhoek and distributes a wide range of the group's products in the region. It also operates a layer unit and wheat and maize mill. The group is also continiously investigating possible partnerships with a local group to protect its investment in Namibia.

  • Wheat and maize Mill
  • Poultry / layer unit
Bokomo Uganda

The group has a breeding and rearing poultry farm in Uganda. The investment in Uganda has made it possible for Ceres and Bokomo Foods to distribute their products in Uganda. The location of Uganda makes it ideal for exploring export opportunities to its neighbouring countries.

  • Breeding/ rearing poultry farm
Future expansion into Africa will be directly linked to the performance and profitability of Pioneer Foods and the availability of cash for such expansions. Further expansion in Namibia, Uganda and Zambia would be achieved by diversifying.